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Drs. R.J. Schnetz

Long ago I got to know the owner of 123Restyle; her sense of taste always did attract me. I immediately saw the passion she has for refurnishment. This is why I asked her to arrange the interior of my maisonette house at the Savornin Lohmanlaan in The Hague. The result was that good that I sold my house including the interior with a solid amount more than expected. A few years later when I was house-hunting again I bought on her recommendation a ground floor apartment at the Cornelis Jolstraat in The Hague Scheveningen; this apartment needed to be totally refurbished.

She achieved a superb result with furnishing the apartment after the refurbishment. My house is transferred to an attractive, cozy and beautiful living space. Upfront I really did not expect such a result. A big advantage was that 123Restyle discovered defects in this house that I could settle with the sales party because of the timely and adequate response of Esperanza.

From heart I recommend 123Restyle for refurnishment of your house. Drs. R.J. Schnetz