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Clean up Coach

Your house no longer looks impeccable.

In your heart you prefer a spotless home but time is working against you. And perhaps home decorating is not your favourite pastime.

Where to start is a major question, not to mention the actual job itself.
Perhaps extra help is needed, from someone with experience and overview .
Someone who then gets things going.

Our professional Clean up Coach will make a flying start organising your belongings, your household, your home. 123Restyle is highly effective, brisk and result-driven.

The following list is what 123Restyle could mean to you.

  • When to start the cleaning up
  • How to do it effectively and quickly
  • Deciding on what stays and goes
  • SettingĀ  priorities so first things come first
  • Keep you from delaying things you dislike doing
  • How to organise household jobs better and recognising your pitfalls
  • How to remain motivated