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House Restyling

Why House Restyling?

You are planning to move  and are ready to sell your house. But is you house ready to be put on the market? Potential buyers are looking for the house of their dreams, they are not looking for your ‘home’. 123RS redecorates your home into a house with a neutral look, resulting in larger audiences recognising their dream house in your home. And so you sell faster and better, which saves time, money and worries. House styling is a necessary tool to sell or rent quickly in the current housing market.
Your house will have to stand out positively among other houses for sale, which again results in more viewings and therefore in buyers.
Statistics and years of experience have shown that:

  • In 75% of the cases the first impression on internet/Funda determines whether a viewer will become a buyer.
  • 80% of all viewers cannot look through your belongings and therefore no viewings follow.

Could Restyle be the right thing for you?

Are you convinced that your home looks attractive enough? Yet no viewers or reasonable offer have followed?
Restyle can help change all of this. It is well known that homes which are adequately restyled sell more quickly and often at a better price.

So in order to reduce a long selling period involve Restyle before your property gets on the market, avoid price cuts and negative responses, extra costs and stress.
123Restyle is surely cheaper in the long run and  will give you peace of mind.

As a resident it is impossible to look objectively at your home so get a professional involved. 123Restyle is objective and advises how to convince a prospective buyer to make a real bid.


Make a free appointment. Together we will explore your house. Within half an hour we will come up with a clear picture how your house can be improved visually for selling.
We will explain clearly what 123Restyle can do for you and where you stand.