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Why House Styling?

You want to move and you are ready to sell your house! But is your house also salable?
Potential buyers are looking for their dream house. And not for your “home”. 123ReStyle arranges a neutral house presentation, resulting in a larger audience recognizing  their dream house in your home. And so you sell faster and better! That saves a lot of money, time and worry.

House styling is a necessary tool to sell or rent faster in the current housing market. Your house will have to stand out positively among all the other houses for sale. That leads to more viewings and therefore sooner a buyer! Statistics and years of experience shows that:
• The 1st impression on Internet / Funda 75% determines whether a viewer becomes  a buyer.
• 80% of the viewers cannot see through your belongings and therefore no viewing follows  .

Something for you?

Are you convinced that your home looks attractive? Yet there are no viewers or no reasonable offer follows? That you can change with the help of 123ReStyle! Statistics show that homes that were adequately restyled were sold quicker and often at a better price.

Do you want to avoid an unnecessarily long sales period or a lower price for  your home? Involve  123Restyle before your property is for sale. You will avoid drastic price cuts and negative reactions from viewers. Avoid double  costs and stress! 123Restyle is much cheaper and gives peace of mind. With our help you can accelerate the sale. As a resident, it is impossible to look objectively at your own home. Therefore, involve with a professional. 123Restyle is objective and advises how to entice the prospective buyer into a real bid. If you  really want  SELL real rather than placing a a sign “FOR SALE” ! By means of our approach the board “FOR SALE” can quickly be replaced by “SOLD!


Make a FREE appointment. Together with you we explore  the house. Within half an hour you get a clear picture of how your house  can be optimized specially for the sale and thereby what 123restyle can do for you. Then you know exactly where you stand.

Package 1: With this styling  your house is restyled with your own furniture and household goods. The purpose of this styling is to create more light, space and tranquility. € 499, – including VAT (at a maximum of 2 days styling)

Package 2: With this styling the whole home is made ready for sale. Attention is paid to whatever needs attention. Also appropriate accessories are added to create a better atmosphere. For every home and budget we have creative and often surprisingly simple solutions. The aim is to make as much  as possible use of existing stuff. € 1499, – including VAT

Package 3: Your entire object will be , both inside and outside, styled with elegant, carefully chosen accessories. And if necessary even furnished.  Your home will be completely transformed  in detail  to create the ultimate “image of a home.” We emphasize  the positive aspects of the home in which we take into account the target audience, walking lines, sight lines, light, color and materials and features of the rooms. In other words, a house to fall in love with. € 59, – per hour including VAT